inyeong           is a graphic designer based in New York. Currently working at New Information. Previously working at Wax Studios.

Summer Reflection T       is a summer limited edition t-shirt for Wax Radio featuring reflective ink. Buy here. (Designed at Wax Studios, with creative direction by Zak Klauck and David Yun. Photographed by Kellen Renstrom)

여름 반사 티        은 리플렉티브 잉크를 사용한 왁스 라디오를 위한 여름 한정 티셔츠이다. 구매하기. (디자인: at Wax Studios, 크리에이티브 디렉션: Zak Klauck and David Yun. 사진: Kellen Renstrom)